So, I’ve been busy all week reaching out to whomever is willing to hear about my little clinic.  I went to MD offices to drop off information (of course they were unable to chat with me because they were busy with patients), I spoke with a few personal trainers, I had a great meeting with a local chiropractor, and I had a really informative session with another PT clinic owner.  The good news is that I have 3 new patients today (not from any of the efforts I made this week).  I’m not sure where they came from, actually!  I will meet them today and find out.  I think that I’m going to continue reaching out on a regular basis to:

1) MDs/Chiros

2) Personal Trainers/Gymnastics/Dance/Sports Coaches

3) My personal network, my community

But, the most important part is that I do a good job with the patients that I do have.  So, today’s focus is being an awesome PT for the people coming in today.