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Post-Natal Pilates

What if you’re a mom that wants to both take a group exercise class outside of your home AND be with your baby - what are your choices?

a) Drop off kid at gym childcare center - but what if baby is too young or you want to actually exercise with your baby in sight?

b) Take a post-natal yoga class - pretty common and yummy feeling, but maybe you’re not into yoga that day.

c) Stroller strides - great way to meet moms and get outdoors, but not awesome when the weather isn’t good.

If you’re looking for option (d), try out one of our post-natal pilates classes. We call it “Pilates with my Baby Sidekick”. It’s awesome for core strengthening and and, bonus, you get to bond with your baby while exercising. Win-win!

We have physical therapists on site, including a women’s health specialist. So, if you have some tricky questions or concerns about how your body is recovering after childbirth, we have you covered.

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