Oops, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here.  This project is keeping me busy.  Since my last entry, I’ve:

- Set a date for my Open House - Sunday, March 10 from 1-5pm  (Come one come all)

- Started distributing my flyers - Thank you Julie Mun for your help with those!  

- Started seeing my first 3 patients/clients.  Hooray!  I’m tempted to frame a dollar bill and put it up on my wall but it’s all electronic payment so I guess that old tradition won’t work anymore.

- Figured out my stupid printer.  My whole printer set up took up literally 3 hours of my time.  The good news is that, while I was setting it up, I met a lot of the nice coaches at the gym.  

- Went on a trip to Tahoe and rode 5 out of 6 days!  It’s so awesome to have a season pass.  I wonder how many snowboarders have unilateral neck pain.  

I’m still feeling a little awkward in my space.  I fumble around not knowing where to put all my stuff when I’m done with it.  Or, maybe I don’t realize how much the aides clean up after me.  

Wishing I could spend more time at my own space… but I need to have patients there to justify that… but then I need to be there to meet people passing by to get more patients.  It’s like double dutch and I’m waiting for the right time to jump in.