It’s green!  I went to Kelly Moore today to pick up some paint.  I dropped my kids off at school at 8:35, met Diego the painter at 9am to discuss the job, and picked a color in literally 5 minutes on the way to my 9:45am home health patient.  When I went back to see the space around 4pm, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the color I chose.  It looked so different on the little piece of paper.  I was aiming for green, but once it got in the bright light on the 3 walls, it was looking a bit too frantic yellow for my taste.   So, right when Diego thought the whole thing was almost done, I requested one more color to be added to the far wall.  I went back to Kelly Moore and took a little more time choosing the color.  My daughter L “helped out”.  The poor Kelly Moore person had to deal with my indecision.  I was asking for her opinion and she kept trying to explain to me that she was not an interior designer.  It looks much better now.  Well, I guess in my opinion it looks better.