I bought the flooring materials today.  I really, really wanted a sprung floor .  It’s good for dance and it protects the joints with jumping of all sorts.  But I think this is an expense that I’m going to have to sacrifice.  I won’t have too many people jumping in the space anyway.  Besides, the ceiling is so low that the sprung floor will just go to waste!  So, I purchased some Hampton Bay laminate floor tiles in “Brilliant Maple” from Home Depot.  Only 1.65/sq ft.  Too good to be true?  This is not very expensive at all.  Most of the other stuff cost 3.50/sq ft. 

Just as a comparison -

:: 365sq ft of sprung floor would have cost about $6500.  yikes.

:: 365sq ft of somebody else installing non-sprung flooring would have cost $2500.  not too bad. 

:: 365 sq ft of Brilliant Maple plus some padded underlay cost about $900.  Not sure if I still have to buy plywood.  Definitely way cheaper.  My dad is helping me install the stuff (free labor!).