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Exercise Tips

Squatting Misconceptions

Everyone squats! While it might not always be the “traditional" squat, everyone does a squat variation during the day!

Why are squats important? Here are some popular reasons to squat:

  • Good for the booty

  • Functionally important (almost everyone has to do some sort of squat in their day)

  • Builds leg and hip muscles

Do you want to squat but are not sure how to? Watch our video to clear up some of the squatting myths! And we even give you our best squatting advice.

Our Top 2 Foam Roller Exercises

Are you going on vacation but still want to work out? A foam roller is a great tool to bring with you! Foam rollers are pretty inexpensive and super useful. Here are two of our favorite exercises using the foam roller.

Unique Running Tips

Are you having back pain while running? Do you want to go back to running but don’t have the proper form? We have some tips for you!

We mostly work with athletes, such as Dancers, Gymnasts and New Moms, so we have a unique perspective on running! We hope our tips help you get back to running! And don’t worry, our tips still apply to you even if you’re not a New Mom or a Dancer!