Is a prescription for Physical Therapy needed?

A prescription for Physical Therapy is recommended for clients and patients who plan to request insurance reimbursement.

Is a medical diagnosis needed?

Individuals are able to participate in Physical Therapy for 12 visits or 45 days before consulting with a physician. Neither a diagnosis nor a prescription is needed for patients participating in wellness services such as recreational classes, exercises classes, pilates training, and injury prevention treatments.

Do we take insurance?

On the Move Physical Therapy is not contracted with any insurance companies, however, with the superbill/receipt we provide, you may request reimbursement from your insurance company.   Services provided may qualify as a medical expense that can be paid for through Health Care Savings or Flexible Spending Plans. Please check with your insurance plan or employer regarding the details of your health care savings plan.

Why don't we take insurance?

We provide a level of care that is above and beyond the amount that insurance companies are currently willing to reimburse.  The patient's entire treatment time is one on one with the physical therapist allowing for both the manual therapy and the exercise prescription to be individualized.   We feel that this level of care results in faster recovery and reduced chance of re-injury.  In addition, we want patients to have a choice to continue with us after the rehabilitation stage has ended.  We feel passionate about continuing to provide exercise guidance which enhances an individual's performance and prevents injury.  This type of extended care is not reimbursed by insurance.  Fortunately, by reducing the overhead related to processing insurance, we are able to save money and pass the savings to you.  

What are you doing to make your services accessible?

We keep our overhead very low and pass the savings to you.  In addition, we engage in activities throughout the year that make services more accessible -

  • Complimentary Injury evaluations - book a free 15 minute consultation with the therapist to ask questions about your injury and get individualized advice about what you can be doing at home to speed up your recovery.

  • Group Therapeutic Exercise and Pilates classes - these classes are a relatively low cost way to receive guidance with your home exercise program.

  • Gymnastics and Dance classes for kids with special needs - these recreational classes are a fun way for kids with special needs to stay fit and improve their motor skills.

Throughout the year, we participate in events that offer free pilates or physical therapy to certain populations.  Click here for our current events.  

What is the cancellation/late arrival policy?

When a time slot is saved for you, it's no longer available to other patients or clients.  As such, we ask that you cancel any scheduled appointments as soon as you realize you are not able to attend.  If appointments are canceled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, the patient will be charged for the entire visit.

It is very much appreciated when patients and clients arrive on time.  If an individual arrives late, his/her session may be shortened but the he/she is responsible for the cost of the entire scheduled session.

To cancel an appointment, please call (650) 701-7686 or send a text message with your name and the time of your appointment.

What should you wear?

Please wear clothing in which you can easily move.  Usually, pants with loose legs and elastic waist band, sleeveless shirt, socks, and exercise shoes are the most comfortable attire for evaluation and treatment.