Dancer and Athlete Care (ages 11+)

On the Move is laying the groundwork for strong, injury-free dance and athletic participation.  These classes are designed especially for the artistic athlete - dancers, gymnasts, ice skaters, cheerleaders.  
The class consists of:

  • Pilates and physical therapy-based strengthening class designed for the artistic athlete—We will cover core strengthening as well as exercises to prevent common injuries and challenges for the artistic athlete including - core strength, back flexibility, ankle strength, balance, jump efficiency, hip turn out, etc.
  • Flexibility exercises for the artistic athlete—This is especially important for the growing 11-17 year old as this is often the age during which training intensifies and growth spurts affect balance, control, and biomechanics of movement. Class will consist of dynamic and static stretches and manual assistance with stretches will be performed by a physical therapist as needed.

Group Pilates—for Adults or Kids

Group Pilates classes are available for small groups of kids or adults.  Pilates exercises improve posture, flexibility, core strength, and mind-body awareness. Classes include mat exercises as well as exercises on the pilates equipment.

Groove Fit Kids: Dance Fitness Class for Kids (ages 7-11)

A super fun dance-based fitness class with components of stretching, strengthening, and cardio exercise. Kid-appropriate radio hits will be used to inspire movement and get participants excited about exercising. Basic dance movements from multiple genres of dance will be used.

Special Needs Gymnastics: (age 4-11)

A gymnastics class for kids with motor delays. Kids will get to walk on the balance beam, jump on the trampoline, swim through the foam pit, hang from the bars, roll upside down and more! The class is taught by physical therapists, physical therapy students, and/or medical students. There will be at least 2 teachers for 6 students.  This class takes place at Peninsula Gymnastics in San Carlos.  Please contact us to discuss whether this class is a good fit for your child.

Special Needs Dance: (grouped by ages 4-10 and 11 -18)

A dance class for kids with mild motor delay. Kids will be introduced to multiple dance styles. Each class consists of rhythmic movement, stretching, movements across the floor, creative movement, and learning choreography. Please call Alyssa to discuss whether this class is a good fit for your child (650-701-7686).