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Individuals Seeking:

  • Individualized injury rehabilitation or injury prevention plans
  • Physical therapy which respects your unique manual therapy and therapeutic exercise needs
  • Foundational strength and flexibility for sports and dance
  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation for healthy, non-injured athletes
  • Insight on the movement patters which contribute to your pain
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small groups seeking:

  • Customized small group weekly pilates
  • Customized workshops with focus on topics such as:
    • Sport-specific foundational strength and flexibility
    • Pre/post partum fitness
    • Introduction to exercise
    • Introduction to pilates
    • Work ergonomics
    • Injury prevention in sports or dance
    • Your group's specific interests

teams seeking:

  • Sport/Dance Specific Movement Screens
  • Weekly visits from physical therapist at your gym
  • 1 hour to 2 day workshops on:
    • Back extension without pain
    • Effective jumping and landing mechanics
    • Decreasing the load on wrists
    • Improving your warm up routine
    • Improving your core strengthening routine
    • Post workout recovery exercises
    • Set up for your rehab room
    • Your team's specific needs
  • Pilates classes

physical therapists and physical therapy students

Please contact us if you are seeking :

  • Opportunities for working with the gymnastics and dance populations - send your resume to info@onthemovephysio.com
  • Guidance on working with gymnasts and dancers - phone consultations available
  • Rental Space - On the Move rents space to physical therapists seeking to build their own practice